The Blind Side

Posted: January 9, 2012
By: Dr. Kevin Donka


By Kevin Donka, D.C.

The Blind Side

The movie The Blind Side is the story of a boy from the projects who has been living on the streets for years, and ends up in a private school because of his size and athletic abilities.  It is called the blind side because Big Mike plays the left offensive tackle position, protecting the quarterback’s “blind side.” He is taken in by a family and, with their help and the help of some great teachers, gets the chance to show what he’s really made of.  It is both heart-wrenching and heart-warming, and contains many important messages and lessons we can all stand to be reminded of now and then.

The first lesson is one that too many of us ignore.  It involves asking what gifts we have and whom we could help with them.  In serving others, we nearly always find out something about ourselves as well, and act as an example for others to follow.  What gifts and talents do you have, and whom could you help; especially if they are underprivileged?  Another lesson is to do what’s right, no matter what others around you are saying and doing, and always do your best, wherever you are, with what you have, even when you feel totally alone.  This one leads to what I believe is a less obvious but very important lesson in the movie; There is a big difference between simply surviving, and thriving.

Have you ever heard of the survival mindset?  It is the result of being thrust into what is called fight or flight.  You may remember from high school science class that whenever your well-being is threatened, adrenaline flows through your system and gets you ready to defend yourself by either fighting or escaping.  One thing that happens in a survival mindset is that the highest thinking centers of your brain are effectively shut down, since they are not necessary to your immediate survival.  When you are in a survival mindset, you see almost everything in the world as threatening.  Opportunities are either ignored or denied, people who might be able to help you achieve your goals are seen as arrogant, irritating or even dangerous, and even the thought of doing anything beyond surviving is seen as a ridiculous waste of your time, energy and resources.

Why am I telling you about this?  It’s because being subluxated can also cause you to be stuck in a survival mindset.  When you are subluxated, your body uses energy very inefficiently and your Innate Intelligence, sensing a future decrease in energy availability, sends you into fight or flight and causes you to move toward a survival mindset.  But subluxation can also cause a survival mindset in another way.  You see, perception is a neurological phenomenon, and subluxation always affects your nerve system, possibly altering your perception of the world and everyone and everything in it.  You no longer see how privileged you are in every situation.  Instead, YOU become underprivileged because you are no longer aware of or able to access the gifts and strengths that are inherently yours!  Who do you know that is underprivileged in this way and how could you help them?

Getting adjusted regularly helps keep your neural connections clear, your Life Energy flowing normally, and allows you to move out of survival and into what we call THRIVAL!  Then, you can demonstrate the biggest lesson of all from the movie; to ALWAYS COME FROM LOVE as both Big Mike, and his new family did.  Finally, it is only possible to come from love when you are clearly CONNECTED to the SOURCE of all love.  And when you ARE clearly connected, Universal Love can express Itself through you, and you will never be “blind” to the beauty of everything and everyone ever again, including yourself.

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